Welcome to Kakanoo Maritim Nusantara

Indonesia has no apparent limit in its range of marine activities. The many possibilities in this lush and rich archipelago are there for you to explore.

If you have ever tried to find solutions to your maritime needs, you will appreciate the need for passion and competence. Kakanoo is a team of dedicated professionals of naval architecture and related services, ever eager to assist the needs you might have in the field. Welcome, and let’s have a conversation.


This 32 m Wooden Motorsailer is designed to sail in Toba Lake. Enough to accommodate 6 cabins, a lounge,  and a lot of open space.

Designed to enjoy the spectacles along the trip safely and comfortably. The classic styling design will make her blend in with surroundings.

52 m Mini Cruise is an aluminium crew boat that will be converted into mini cruise.


With contemporer style design, she is designed to comfort the guests with proper layout, interior, and exterior.