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Project Management Issue

February 23rd, 2009 - by admin

In a project, which involves many individuals and characters, harmony between all parties involved in order to achieve common project goals is a must.

Skills, expertise, competence of every individual and organization involved are very important project components. However, without common goals, values/attitudes and also harmony nothing good will be achieved. A project is not about skills or expertise zero sum game competition; it’s about working as a team, guided by shared project missions. Every stake holder is important according to their roles, duties and responsibilities within the project.

Project politics still remain, however, and it’s normal for people like us…. but even politics have to be based on ethics (values/attitudes).

Kakanoo is currently in the process of upgrading our project management knowledge and skill so that we can be more efficient in achieving the main project goals (time, cost and quality).

We are holding an in-house project management training for our own team members. It is part of our learning process… a “must do” process in order to be a better Kakanoo than yesterday.

Kakanoo Marine Team


February 20th, 2009 - by admin

Dear Visitors,

After some quite enjoyable discussions and arguments with our web strategist, NET, we are very happy to launch our new website.

Through this website we are trying to share our valuable learning process journey and what we have achieved so far…..

Our precious treasure is the mutual partnership, collaboration and networks between us and all stake holders (clients, professionals, boatyards, boat builders, suppliers and friends). So please send us any feed back that you might think of… any constructive thoughts will be useful to make us better and better each day in serving you….

Please enjoy!

Kakanoo Marine Team