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Seminar : Actions Towards the Vision of the Indonesian Boat and Yacht Industries

November 14th, 2011 - by Nino Krisnan

In commemoration of the 10 years of the Naval Architecture program of the University of Indonesia (Teknik Perkapalan UI), a seminar with the topic of “The Prospects and Opportunities in Indonesia as a Maritime Country” was held at the UI campus on 22 October 2011.  The seminar was held by the Naval Architecture program students and Kakanoo Marine CEO was invited as a boat and yacht industry practitioner in supporting the marine tourism.

Kakanoo Marine used this opportunity to give a presentation with the title of “Actions Towards the Vision of the Indonesian Boat and Yacht Industries” to share ideas of visionary actions with the audience that consisted of students (from university and high school), industry representatives, lecturers (interfaculty), maritime enthusiasts, etc.

The needs for boats and yachts in Indonesia are there, and they are to support the following national and regional maritime activities:

  • Transportation and logistic
  • Survey and exploration
  • Exploitation/utilization
  • Conservation
  • Health, safety & security


This was a good opportunity to gain awareness from the promising future of the boat and yacht industry potential and development in Indonesia. This would be achieved through visionary and bold coordinated actions among stakeholders.

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