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Discussion Forum (Results): The Future of Boat and Yacht Industry in Indonesia

October 16th, 2011 - by Nino Krisnan

Kakanoo Marine participated as exhibitor in the Marine Solutions Alliance booth at the Indonesia Maritime Expo 2011, 13-15 October 2011, at the Jakarta Convention Center. Thanks to our co-exhibitors, the Boat Indonesia (Indonesian boat community), BAYachts and Kakanoo Marine team were given the opportunity to present a topic of “The Future of Boat and Yacht Industry in Indonesia” on Saturday, 15 October 2011 in the expo’s discussion forum.

Kakanoo Marine CEO presented the topic and had a great time hosting a very good interactive discussion forum, which was attended by local and international audiences. We believe that we and most of the participants had optimistically concluded that there is a bright future for the boat and yacht industries in Indonesia, considering that Indonesia (the largest archipelago in the world, covers around half of the coral triangle, is home to hundreds of different cultures, 95.181 km of tropical coastline, among many things) is one of the world’s greatest playground for boats and yachts. However, we need to keep working on our homework, in keeping with the Indonesian boat and yacht vision. The identified key issues as the homework were:

  • Information Management (source, distribution and access)
  • Business Environment Management  (marketing and promotion, fiscal & monetary regulation, logistic, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Operation Environment Management  (seamanship, seaworthiness, security, SAR, etc.)
  • Environment Management  (pollution, fuel efficiency, waste management, etc.)
  • Industry Environment Empowerment (technology, knowledge, professionalism, synergy, benchmarking, etc.)

BAYachts and Kakanoo Marine,together with our boat and maritime community (Boat Indonesia and Indonesia Maritime Club) and also other stakeholders, keep on working-hard and smart-in order to turn the vision into reality.

Kakanoo Marine Team