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The 38 meter Phinisi Yacht Construction Update, February 2012

March 15th, 2012 - by Nino Krisnan

As per February 2012, the 31 planks of 36 hull planking at each side have been put in place.  The 38 m Bugis traditional phinisi yacht project keeps progressing.  Simultaneously with the hull construction progress, we have done other preparation and work execution in the engineering and procurement side to make sure that the vessel systems that have been designed will work, be procured as the required specifications, and later be installed correctly.

So far, this collaboration between the experienced Bugis traditional phinisi wooden boat builder and Blue Archipelago Yachts (BAYachts) team has brought us some great results and we are looking forward to having more until the end of the project.

The 38 meter Phinisi Yacht Construction Update, December 2011

December 13th, 2011 - by Nino Krisnan

This is about sharing the pleasure in seeing what our Blue Archipelago Yachts (BAYachts) team has achieved up to 12 December 2011 for the BAYachts’s 38 m Bugis traditional phinisi yacht project.

Time flies when you are having fun, that what people say. But for us, time flies even faster when we are really enjoying what we are doing.  Since the keel laying ceremony that took place on 09 December 2011, our baby 38 m Bugis traditional phinisi yacht has grown quite noticeably and as per 12 December 2011, the hull planks are up as much as 11 planks from the keel up at each starboard and port side.

In this typical traditional Indonesian Bugis phinisi construction the method that is used, by the extraordinary talented Bugis wooden boat craftmen, is the hull plank set up first and followed by the frames later. To get the plank integrity while waiting for the frames to put in places, each plank side is connected to each other by wooden pegs as well as hot dipped galvanized steel bars. The use of the temporary mould frames is to give the hull shape accuracy to achieve the shape that has been designed by the naval architect. Installation of some of the solid wooden floors at each mould frame would give more hull shape integrity while the rest of the planks are keep going up following the mould frame shape guidance.

We are really blessed and grateful to be able to witness and be part of this traditional Bugis phinisi construction, built by the traditional Bugis-Konjo wooden boat craftmen in this 21st century. We will keep sharing our excitement and more news will be coming as our baby grows more and more each month until her launching day.

The 38m Phinisi Yacht Keel Laying Ceremony

November 14th, 2011 - by Nino Krisnan

On the good day of 9 November 2011, a momentous event took place in Sangkulirang, East Kalimantan.  It is the tradition of the Bugis Konjo builders to cherish the nascent ship and celebrate its building process by conducting the keel laying ceremony for every phinisi they build, including our baby, the 38 m Bugis traditional phinisi yacht. The ceremony was a party for everyone: owner, master builder, the builders and their families, and the BAYachts team. We had great fun and brought home a memorable experience.

The ceremony was held after all the dimensions and measurement final check was completed, prior to the erection of the stem and horn timber. Precision has always been one of Haji Abdul Wahab’s (the master builder) and the BAYachts’s main considerations.

Although there is much to be done, it was good to see that the first step of the construction went well.