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General Guidance

Tell Us What You Need

First of all, if you see and feel that Kakanoo Marine could be your working partner, just let us know what you need.   If what you have is just a general idea/concept, we can provide you with our inquiry sheet that is made according to your particular interest so that you can be guided in providing us with the information we need.  This is not an examination and no one will be putting a grade on it.  Just tell us what you know in relation to what you need for us to see together whether Kakanoo Marine is ready for you.

Owner Requirement

We all work together based on some client requirements which have to be clear and explained in a comprehensive written format.  Client requirements come to our desk in many forms. Some requirements that consist of very sound, clear, and specific series of quantitative information, that can be used by us to perform further steps of our services and solutions offered.  Most of them just tell us series of qualitative data (big or small, fast or slow, nice, top of the line, not expensive, etc.). In doing our job, we need a measurable data that can be processed into tangible results.

We strongly recommend that all clients have an owner requirement statement document first, as a part of the project initiation stage, before going further into project planning and project execution stages.   We can understand each other better if we all express our thoughts and expectations clearly in a comprehensive document. An owner requirement statement may consist of-and as far as:

  • What is the project mission? (the reason why this project exist)
  • What is the project vision? (the visualization of the completed project)
  • What are the project goals? (broad statements of what the project hopes to accomplish)
  • What are the project objectives? (measurable output, time period, budget, etc.)
  • What is the level of acceptance of project results? (quality, performance, etc.)
  • What standard is going to be used? (flag state, classifications rules, statutory regulations, etc.)
  • Who will be the key stakes holders involved in the project? (owner, consultant, builder, installer, regulatory body, etc.)

With a clear and comprehensive owner requirement statement document on hand we should be able to have a common ground in the project expectations and fulfillment.  No more guessing and assuming that can lead to misleading expectations.

We can provide assistance in setting up your owner requirement statement that later can be presented to any consultant like us (including Kakanoo Marine-be our guest) so that they can respond to and process your requirement better.

Conceptual Design Project

Conceptual Design is a set of quantitative technical information (drawings and documents) that show the main idea of what the expected vessel would become in terms of shape, specifications (major components), styling (sample of exterior and interior design concept) and estimated cost.  From here, the owner should be able to see whether his/her idea is worth implementing or not, before deciding to invest more funds in further design steps.

Conceptual Design would consist of:

  • 2D General Arrangement (GA).
  • 3D General Arrangement (GA) sketch.
  • 3D Exterior and Interior Design Concept Sketch (Sample).
  • General Specifications (vessel main dimensions and particulars, material, machinery, main equipments, capacity, etc.).
  • Building Cost Estimate.

Note that we always put exterior and interior design concepts into consideration as an integrated part of our marine vessel design work.