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Kakanoo Marine Enterprise

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Our Story

Kakanoo Marine Enterprise (PT Kakanoo Marine Indonesia) is a company specializing in various solutions related to naval architecture. Always striving for the best. It is an enterprise of individuals who are very passionate about what they do. At Kakanoo, we hold competence as our core value. We passionately seek to deliver our best services to you—our dear partners. We nurture ourselves to maintain a high standard of safety, reliability and performance based on agreed quality terms.

Brief History

We opened our doors and started our business in 1999 by setting up and operating a small boatyard that built non-conventional wooden boats. In 2000, we built our first boat as our way to tackle the challenge. Boat building was our entry point to the maritime business world. The boatyard itself was an answer to the importance of the building stage as an integral part of the overall process that led to the marine vessel related activities. During the process, we incorporated the boat’s operational objectives and the specific needs and requirements of the users.

In the end, by the year 2005, experiences, valuable learning process, work results, and a wide network have allowed us to transform ourselves into a service company that proudly provides marine vessel design, building, maintenance, and repair related services.