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Marine Interior

March 30th, 2009 - by admin

In a marine vessel (ship, boat, etc.), marine interior has an important role in contributing to a good vessel’s overall performance.  Most marine vessels are operated by humans therefore a human friendly environment should be put into consideration when designing and building marine vessels.  When humans are happy in their environment, they can perform better.

Marine interior is not equal to luxurious and expensive investment. The amount of money spent is determined by the material specifications of the marine interior design concept.  The concept itself is the most important thing in marine vessel interior designing. It can be luxurious and expensive, but it also can be nice and cost effective.  It all depends to the client requirements and needs.

Unusual room shapes, limited spaces, marine safety rules and regulations, soundproof and vibration issues, corrosive environment, dynamic characteristic (marine vessel’s move, heels, heave, etc.), are things that do not occur in the home or building interior design field. Those issues have to be recognized and considered when generating a marine interior concept and design in ships, boats and other marine vessels and crafts.

In a past year Kakanoo has put marine interior as an important factor in the marine vessel design and building works.   It’s been an interesting field and we are happy to engage in this matter.  We have formed an alliance with our marine interior designer that has been involved in designing marine interior design projects in Indonesia since the early 90s. We now design our vessels’ general arrangement (GA) while taking into consideration the marine interior design factors.  We are able to develop visualization drawings (2D dan 3D) on our marine interior design ideas in order to have a clear picture of the idea for our clients, contractors and our own work.

A good marine interior concept has to be translated into designs and the designs (and specifications) have to be implemented by a marine interior contractor that understands the marine vessels characteristics. This must be done in order to actualize real marine interior work results that bring a human friendly, attractive, cozy atmosphere onboard a vessel.  Kakanoo also has collaboration with an experienced marine interior contractor in order to make your marine interior dream a reality.

We look forward to discussing your marine interior concept and design!

Kakanoo Marine Team