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Type of Marine Vessels and Crafts

Kakanoo Marine currently focusing on 3 marine vessel main categories as follows:


Pleasure Boats and Yachts

In this category, Kakanoo Marine has been dealing with our global clients mostly for the well-known Indonesian traditional wooden phinisi yacht design and building projects for pleasure charter market within the South East Asian region. Since 2010, all pleasure boat and yacht projects will be under our yacht brand called the Blue Archipelago Yachts (www.bluearchipelagoyachts.com).

Metal (steel and aluminum) and fiberglass yachts are already on our road map for future development of Kakanoo Marine capacity and capabilities.


Work Boats

Kakanoo Marine has served some local private companies that required boats for their operational purposes. Types of boats that we have been dealing with are:

  • Fiberglass hand line fishing boat (design)
  • Wooden cargo boat (design and building supervision)
  • Fiberglass bathymetry and crew boat (design and building supervision)
  • Fiberglass patrol, medical evacuation and crew boat (design and building supervision).


Ship and Commercial Marine Vessels

Since 2010, Kakanoo Marine has formed a strategic alliance with Cybermarine Technologies, Pte. Ltd. (www.cybermarine.net) in handling ship and commercial marine vessel design and engineering work for the Indonesian market. Kakanoo Marine is Cybermarine’s exclusive partner in Indonesia. Some of our projects in Indonesia include :

  • Marine disaster prevention vessel (conceptual design)
  • Well stimulation barge (complete ABS class approval design)
  • Self unloader, self-propelled barge (conceptual design)